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<Kin-San> bizzy: monsters inc. XD
<bizzy> i need to see that
<Kin-San> its funny as all hell
<Toast> yeah, good movie
<hep> oooh yeah
<hep> i <heart> that movie
<hep> went and saw it with this lame guy though
<hep> what is his name again? god he is a freak
<Kin-San> lol
<hep> (i went with Toast. Which is why this is funny, for the kids at home playing along) :>
<Toast> I'm used to ladies not remembering my name
<Kin-San> I figured something like this
<Toast> cuz I'm such a play-ah
<quatoria> you're such a play-ah they don't remember you?
<quatoria> or is that just because of the ruhypnol?

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