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<fejed> heh
<fejed> man
<fejed> I was soo about to smack some fuck over the head on the train.
<fejed> there was this guy, he said he was a hacker
<fejed> and like
<fejed> quoting him
<fejed> "dude, to get into a computer, you can guess a password, which is like a 5 in 1000000 chance, but what I do is guess the backdoor"
<fejed> he said alot more shit but got off before I could get to him
<fejed> and on the bus
<fejed> there was this retard
<fejed> saying he was a hacker
<fejed> and a nun goes to him "do you use email?"
<fejed> he says "errr, ddd yy yes.. out l ll llook express"
<fejed> then "hey, i have a jj j jjoke"
<fejed> "what does 'www' mean?"
<fejed> "ww w world wide wait!"
<fejed> I'm like "shut the fuck up you stupid fuck" and he started crying.
<fejed> the bus driver pulled the bus over
<fejed> got up and asked me to get off
<fejed> I was all hyped up from the fucks on the train.

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