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<Gunslinger> The current version of Land Warrior had been intended for operational use in 2004. Although it has been much improved over earlier prototypes, the system was deemed “unreliable” and unlikely to survive the rigors of combat.
<Gunslinger> He explained that LW has three basic “assemblies,” the helmet, the body and the weapons. The helmet assembly has a wireless antenna, a helmet mounted display and a helmet interface assembly. The body assembly has a GPS receiver, a navigation box, a 500-megahertz rugged com-
<Gunslinger> puter operating Windows 2000, another smaller computer connected to the other PC and a voice-data communications control set.
<Gunslinger> Their RUnning Windows 2K! HAHAHAHAHAHA
<Gunslinger> We're so fucked...
<Weirdo_God_of_Insanity> aroo?
<KaiserPanda> lol!!
<Takkie> good lord
<Takkie> can you imagine?
<Takkie> "Illegal operation"
<Gunslinger> "Sir, I can't call in for Air support! Should I Ctrl+Alt+Del?"

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