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Cosmixmaster : hi there
Cosmixmaster : did you hit it yet?
Holom  : no
Cosmixmaster : why not
Holom  : 1. she sorta wants to wait and 2. no place to do it
Cosmixmaster : wait until marriage?
Cosmixmaster : your room?
Cosmixmaster : her room?
Cosmixmaster : her vagina?
Cosmixmaster : ?
Holom  : no, not till marriage
Holom  : cant in her room.....might could in mine
Cosmixmaster : how about outside
Cosmixmaster : or in a car
Cosmixmaster : or outside a bar
Cosmixmaster : would you fuck her in a chair
Cosmixmaster : would you fuck her near a bear
Cosmixmaster : would you fuck her in a bed
Cosmixmaster : or perhaps in the head
Cosmixmaster : how about in the sky
Cosmixmaster : or while eating an apple pie
Cosmixmaster : try it on some hay
Cosmixmaster : some like it down by the bay
Cosmixmaster : but I like prefer doing it during mass
Cosmixmaster : but nothing beats tapping it in the ass
Holom  : hahaha
Holom  : nice
Cosmixmaster : so which one
Holom  : i'm thinking bed
Cosmixmaster : it's the mass one, isn't it?
Cosmixmaster : damn

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