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<vqhmdragn> rawk!
<S4murai> exactly
<vqhmdragn> twat I cunt hear you I must have a ear infucktion, plz cum closer
<S4murai> I too have an ear infucktion butits ok, I have a pill to take every half whore
<vqhmdragn> I'm afriad I cunt afwhored such a pill :(
S4murai> a little less expenisive is a small prick to your finger. Tit's the Doctwhore's bill that'll clit you in the end.
<vqhmdragn> so twats up s4murai?
<S4murai> nut much, you?
<vqhmdragn> just chillin out
<vqhmdragn> wait, it's midnut, I just turned 18, that's twats up
<S4murai> really? that's ballsome!
<vqhmdragn> yea now I can buy cigs legaly, I cuntent bewhore

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