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<y2kThug> i worked with a pretty dumb old broad when I was in Stoneham
<y2kThug> she was getting all frustrated one day
<y2kThug> comes to me "I cant print."
<y2kThug> i stare blankly, "Why not?"
<y2kThug> "I dont know, it just wont print!"
<y2kThug> so i said "Maybe it's because you're standing at the fax machine, not the printer."
<Darshu> nate- lol
<y2kThug> oh and then one day her desk phone died
<y2kThug> someone told her to take a phone off of one of the empty desks
<y2kThug> she says "But what about all my voicemails?"
<y2kThug> shaking my head, "Jeanne, your voicemails arent _IN_ your phone."
<Snow> Eh, that's not too dumb. I mean, people interact with answering machines where things are stored in the physical device itself.
<Snow> A distributed phone system is a bit foreign the first time you see one.
<y2kThug> Snow: she fucking sells telecom

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