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<StarFreeze2> Cyber blackmail artists are shaking down office workers, threatening to delete computer files or install pornographic images on their work PCs unless they pay a ransom, police and security experts said.
<Duffman> lol
<Duffman> first, i'd tell em to trash all the fucking files they want. it's costing my boss money, not me
<Duffman> then i'd tell em to put on all the porn they wanted. i can always use more
<Duffman> gotta have something to do at work
<StarFreeze2> yea lol
<StarFreeze2> "we will put porn on your computer if you don't give us 2k"
<StarFreeze2> response: hurry and send the porn, i am so fucking bored
<StarFreeze2> second response: lesbian plz, if possible

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