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<Donut[AFK]> Karte, I'd have a large depression filled with salt.
<Donut[AFK]> And have people I don't like dumped in it via helicopter.
<Eurakarte> Well, why couldn't one just walk to the edge?
<Eurakarte> I mean, the salt would pack down.
<Eurakarte> You wouldn't sink into it, it'd be like sand.
<Donut[AFK]> I'd have turbines at the bottom.
<Donut[AFK]> Their job would be to mix the bottom about, creating unpackedness.
<Eurakarte> Might work, although it would depend on the depth.
<Donut[AFK]> A hundred feet.
<Eurakarte> The cost for digging out this 100-foot depression alone would be enormous.
<Eurakarte> And placing turbines at the bottom?
<Eurakarte> And the piping system?
<Alert[BUSY]> 100-foot depression? $2.4 million dollars
<Alert[BUSY]> turbine and pipe system? $750,000 dollars
<Alert[BUSY]> approx. 250 tons of salt? $50,000 dollars
<RoSS> Putting someone in an ocean of salt just to watch them choke and die? Priceless

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