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<matts_> Okay! So  I go to cnn.com and I see about this B1 bomber down! Oh no! :( And then i click on it, and it's a page about the osama bin laden video tape!
<nitr8`> the video is online? or just a description?
<matts_> description
<matts_> no, it's online, the warez group already have it in divx format
<nitr8`> heh..gimme the ftp info
<Nathan--> how the fuck did they do that?
<matts_> Osama_Bin_Laden_VideoTape-12/12/01-FoT
<Plot> what?
<Nathan--> man. this makes no sense, how are they supposed to get the video so soon?
<matts_> I was kidding

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