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(making NPCs for D&D)
<Stefanf> Hurrah! I have decided what to spend the remaining 535 gp on!
<Stefanf> The captain of the Stade city guard now owns 267 sheep!
<Neko_Ali> Stefanf: make sure to buy him lots of fantasy bling bling.
<Neko_Ali> Gold plated chainmail.
<Neko_Ali> a solid platinum toasting fork.
<Sutekh> gold plated Bikini
<Stefanf> Diamond-covered ring of protection?
<Neko_Ali> and a totally tricked out low-rider horse with hydraulics!
<Stefanf> lmao!
<Neko_Ali> can't you just see him on inspection parade, bouncing along with his magical music box blaring from the saddle?

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