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<Kabuki_Dude> Shit... My teacher just sprung a surprise psych test on me. It was a damned describing game... Like: There's a forest, describe it. I was being a jackass and said that the forest was burned down and blackened.
<Kabuki_Dude> Then she asked me how I went through the forest. I said that I ran through it denying all logic and reason.
<Kabuki_Dude> She asked me to describe a vase in the forest, so I said that it had a penis on it.
<Kabuki_Dude> Then she asked me to describe a barrier blocking the way. I said that the barrier was my mom with a pickaxe.
<Kabuki_Dude> About 3 days later, my psych calls me and wants to 'talk'. Apparantly, my teacher called my psyche with the results of my test.
<Kabuki_Dude> Here's how it went down: The way you described the forest was the way you viewed life. The way you went through the forest was the way you went through life. The vase is your view on relationships, and the barrier is how you think you're going to die.
<Kabuki_Dude> Needless to say, my teacher keeps her distance from me now.

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