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<Destruya> We were in Ashland, VA, coming back from unloading my shit into a rented SUV coming back from school
<Destruya> And there's this van, California tags in this McDonalds we pull into
<Destruya> Ashland is only good for three things
<Destruya> Bathroom, food, gas
<Destruya> Nothing else
<Destruya> Perfect rest stop
<Destruya> Anyway, these stereotypical fuckin' Westies are in this Central VA bumfuck McDonalds asking for Cappucinos at 11:30 at night.
<Veen> heh, fucks.
<Destruya> Then, when the black lady at the counter recommends coffee, they ask where the nearest Starbucks is.
<Destruya> It's like, SHIT, people - get a fucking Coke and move on with life.
<Destruya> Caffeine is caffeine

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