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<murder`> lol i just got the rot password to the linux machine running the network im on
<m0zzie> you mean root pass?
<murder`> yea whatever its called do u know some cool commands like to hack ppl?
<m0zzie> try this one.. rm -rf /etc
<phoenix> rofl
<murder`> that one just paused for ages and came up with a few forbidden msgs
<murder`> got any better ones?
<m0zzie> hmm.. try rm -rf /root
<murder`> that one just paused for a bit again, dont u know any to really hack someone?
<agent3> lol
<m0zzie> ugh, ok I guess you're gonna keep harrassing us until we tell you how to hack people aren't you?
<murder`> yep
<m0zzie> ok do this exactly without the quotes: "rm -rf /home" then do "shutdown -h now"
<murder`> k sweet man thx!!
[n] Quit [murder`]-[Read error: Connection reset by peer]
<m0zzie> I'm a bastard.

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