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14:51 <@phoniq> so these guys have three kenyans, three indians and an egyptian
14:51 <@phoniq> and they're gonna behead one every 72 hours
14:52 <@phoniq> and their pictures are available
14:52 <@phoniq> so i think i'm gonna make a website where you can vote for
                which one should get it first
14:53 <@phoniq> see if it's possible to make the news
14:53 <@arp> damn
14:54 <@arp> Survivor: Iraq
14:54 <@phoniq> that's f***n' wrong, right?
14:54 < bean_tmt> ... can i laugh?
14:54 <@phoniq> i dunno
14:54 <@phoniq> i think a kind of shocked choke is the appropriate response

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