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<Apocalypse> So I was at work and decided to entertain myself, everyone else went out to lunch and I was by myself
<Apocalypse> Pron was 1st on the list, so I start surfing the internet, following links to various sites, and after 5 minutes or so I decided to stop
<Apocalypse> By then I had 30 or so screens opened up, all maximised, and while I'm closing them one by one (admiring the pics one last time) I hear a door open nearby and turn around to look, and I kept clicking
<Apocalypse> Unfortunately, my mouse must have moved a little, because when I turned back I realised I was clicking on the "print" button instead, over and over and over :/
<Apocalypse> And to make things worse, things get printed downstairs in a special room, then get brought up to us to make things more conveniant
<Apocalypse> In brief, in 10 minutes time I have to see the boss and explain why I decided to print out 10 or so full page pictures of two girls fingering each other on the floor :(

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