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<harm_> today this one lady got pissed off cause we dont carry i quote wireless power supplies
<ogregasm> a what
<harm_> thats what i said
<harm_> maybe you want an adaptor for a wireless router o rsomething??
<harm_> shes goes no no i read online about this i wannit i wannit
<harm_> then she got pissed when i told her that kind of technology doesnt exist
<ogregasm> heh
<harm_> i tried to be nice but it got to the point where i was like"get back to us in 30 years"
<harm_> "once we attain the secret of positron deflector shields, wireless power supplies shall become a reality"
<ogregasm> why bother being that much of an ass to the poor woman
<harm_> well shes the one who got all up in my face asking for the store manager
<harm_> i told her he had just teleported to a corporate meeting in tokyo

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