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Thainthallas: oh... so... the other night, i go into software etc.
Thainthallas: and i walk up and say "i want to reserve a copy of metroid prime"
Thainthallas: the guy starts trying to talk to me about the game, and asking stuff like if i was "really excited to see the new metroid"
Thainthallas: i said "well... I'm really not sure about the whole thing, but the girlfriend said 'me wantie' so I buyie"
Thainthallas: "your girlfriend wants metroid prime?"
Thainthallas: "yes, yes she does"
Thainthallas: "she also says i need to buy vice city"
Thainthallas: "your girlfriend wants vice city?"
Thainthallas: by now, i start to realize that he's getting a little jealous
Thainthallas: so i just say "yeah, and she's hot, too!"

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