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<mattbuck> !pball
<mattbot2> | !pball 10 | <Peel> i would start by kissin you softly on your lips
<mattbot2> | !pball 10 | <Peel> whilst undoin your shirt
<mattbot2> | !pball 10 | <Peel> then i wud move down your neck and start kissing your chest
<mattbot2> | !pball 10 | <Peel> all the while i woould be undoin your belt and your trousers
<mattbot2> | !pball 10 | <Peel> i would then rekease your long hard throbbin cock from your underware
<mattbot2> | !pball 10 | <Peel> and move my tongue down from your chest to your waist onto your penix
<mattbot2> | !pball 10 | <Peel> *penis
<mattbuck> not that one AGAIN!
<mattbot2> | !pball 10 | <Peel> then i wud give u the best head of your life
<mattbot2> | !pball 10 | <Peel> and i will let your imagination take you from there
<mattbot2> | !pball 10 | <Peel> NOW can i have my ops back?

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