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<JustinArthur> I used to surf up the interweb and IRC in Windows 3.11 on a an AMD 80386DX 40MHz edition.
<skyfire> JA: after walking three miles through waist deep snow, up hill, when it was -40 outside just to get to your computer :P
<JustinArthur> Shit, back then, we had to use TCP/IP over smoke signal protocol.
<Nikolai> Why the hell was your computer on top of a hill in waist-deep snow? O.o
<Lorentz> Why not?
<skyfire> smoke signal protocol!?!
<skyfire> in my day, we used a log and two sticks
<JustinArthur> Yup, someone would be at the fire on the hill with a blanket and yell out the 0s and 1s to the guy whose turn it was to be demodulator.
<skyfire> we just pounded them out on the log with our demodulator writing it down with charcoal
<skyfire> of course, noise was always a problem
<skyfire> lousy october gales
<skyfire> we were droping smoke packets like there was no tomorrow
<skyfire> then we came up with the idea of broadband over forest fire
<skyfire> that didn't work very well
<skyfire> I mean, we got the blazing speed we expected
<skyfire> unfortunately, we had a tendency to burn out the modems =/

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