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<NobelDek> I got all my history from Age of Empires
<JoseoftheWired> Using video games to learn history is probably a bad idea
<JoseoftheWired> ďAnd the American colonists decided to rebel against the British because they were camping all the tea.Ē
<[7hs]> Brits lost because of lag
<NobelDek> No, the Brits were noobs. They didnít know how to play in DS_America.
<[7hs]> The Civil War happened when someone turned FF=ON
<JoseoftheWired> The Japanese hated the Koreans on their server so they invaded
<[7hs]> Hitler used a wallhack to get into France
<[7hs]> twice!
<TheStupidOne> No...paris lagged out

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