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<DaFuror> ok
<DaFuror> that about sucked
<phac> what now daf?
<DaFuror> I went out to my car to get my U1 about an hour ago
<g3nocide> U1 ?
<DaFuror> Sun Ultra 1 server
<DaFuror> well, anyway
<DaFuror> these three drunk kid come outta nowhere and one of them tried to jump me
<g3nocide> LOL
<DaFuror> I cracked his skull open with the U1
<DaFuror> just got done dealing with the fine upper arlington police dept
<g3nocide> lol you hit him with a sun ultra one server
<DaFuror> I can
<g3nocide> LOL
<DaFuror> t
<g3nocide> omfg
<DaFuror> wait to see the police report
<g3nocide> you know you are a geek when, you protect yourself with server hardware

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