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<KoRnkid88> omg man
<KoRnkid88> weirdest bus stop moment ever
<Owned34> >.>
<KoRnkid88> last night it was snowing like crazy right
<Owned34> yeh get hit by it? XP
<KoRnkid88> and my neighbor lady calls and asks me to do her driveway
<KoRnkid88> so i go over and shovel it off
<Owned34> =o
<KoRnkid88> next day im standing at my buss stop talking to all my friends and my neighbors house is at the corner where the bus stop is
<KoRnkid88> and im talking with my friends and she walks up and hands me a 20$
<KoRnkid88> and says thanks for last night
<Owned34> lol omg
<KoRnkid88> i was like WTF
<KoRnkid88> my friends and all the people at the buss stop were just staring at me......
<Owned34> how old is this lady
<KoRnkid88> my sister gave me the weirdest look in the world
<KoRnkid88> like 70
<Owned34> Bust a cap
<KoRnkid88> once we got on the bus the girl behind me was like "u got a 20 for one night?"
<Owned34> XD
<KoRnkid88> i was about to turn around and slap her
<Owned34> =o
<KoRnkid88> it was THE weirdest bus ride ever

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