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<Al> arabs can't spell so we have to spell for them
<Al> that's why it's "Koran"
<Kurt> short for Korean
<Lloyddy> i thought ^_^ was short for korean
<jre> No, kek is
<Alien> huk of the ke
<Lloyddy> so is keke short for a jolly korean?
<jre> A kek is one unit of kekeke
<jre> THis throws people because of the extra letter
<Alien> keks bind together via k-ration-synthesis, where each unit sheds one k to form a long chain of kekekeks
<Alien> They're what we in the business call kekides
*Kurt spanks Alien with moon rocks
<jre> The extra Ks then bind to form the atmosphere of the Zerg homeworld
<jre> Koreans are to the Zerg homeworld what trees are to Earth
<jre> Coincidentally enough, when Zergs respirate, they take in Ks and breathe out chop suey
<Alien> When the polykekide chain is broken the free ks are broken to be used for klysis, rendering the Zerg atmosphere a vacuum.
<jre> LIAR

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