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<Seppukoi> kthx so today in driver's ed we had a guest speaker
<Seppukoi> and he was talking about teh alcohol, and also teh seatbelts
<Seppukoi> he was explaining this article he read
<Seppukoi> well, the article was talking about these two idiots who crashed their car into the front doors of a school
<Seppukoi> and said they were tyring to kill themselves, but they survived with minor injuries because they were wearing seatbelts
<Seppukoi> so I screamed out "HAHA NOOB!!!"
<Seppukoi> and my friend screamed out "those guys SUCK at the killing themselves"
<Seppukoi> he also said "those newbs got fux0red up!"
<Seppukoi> I said "they probably had wallhacks" and the teacher was looking at us like "wtf"
<Seppukoi> we kept talking about it and comparing it to things :/

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