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* Calydor raises an eyebrow.
<Calydor> Weren't you, y'know, banned?
<Killian> what's it look like to you? :>
<Killian> jive turkey
* Calydor checks the ban-list.
<Calydor> Looks like to me you got a different IP.
<Killian> news to me. Whaddya wanna do about it sucka? :>
* Calydor sets mode: +b *!*@adsl-69-232-222-88.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net
* Killian was kicked by Calydor (This.)
* Calydor coughs.
<Locandez> What a twat.
<Calydor> Yup.
*Killian* I may be banned, but you're still a furry. I'd say I came out better in the deal :>
<Calydor> Bash.org rule #1: Don't call the guy with an @ names.

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