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* H0merTax (~FathrBake@ool-4355ba4b.dyn.optonline.net) has joined
<H0merTax> hello, does anyone know what it means when it says "need correct key to join a channel"?
<@Opeeo> to fix it type /quit special key
*** H0merTax has left IRC (special key)

* H0merTax (~FathrBake@ool-4355ba4b.dyn.optonline.net) has joined
<H0merTax> hey i tried that and it kicked me off? id really appriciater help
<@Opeeo> try /quit special key 2
<H0merTax> where dop i type ot in... the window that says where i connect?
<@Opeeo> yeah bro
<H0merTax> thanx
*** H0merTax has left IRC (special key 2)

* Opeeo sets mode: +b *!*@ool-4355ba4b.dyn.optonline.net

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