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<Zero-G> i made out with the woman at work i was chatting up though
<Jesus^Freak|Clanless> made out with her bf?
<Zero-G> no
<Zero-G> made out with her
<Jesus^Freak|Clanless> boyfriend..
<Zero-G> ok, its all a lie
<Zero-G> i made out with you Jesus^Freak|Clanless
<Jesus^Freak|Clanless> yep
<Zero-G> you were great
<Jesus^Freak|Clanless> haha
<Zero-G> can i have another go?
<Jesus^Freak|Clanless> nope
<Zero-G> please?
<Zero-G> you dont have to pay me this time!
<Jesus^Freak|Clanless> how can you have another go if it never happened?
<Zero-G> are you in denial now!?
<Jesus^Freak|Clanless> no, denial is a river in egypt
<Zero-G> no, thats the nile
<Jesus^Freak|Clanless> yes thats what i said

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