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<Xapz> war soon
<Xapz> Maybe tomorrow
<Xapz> We've pulled out ambassadors
<m0swald> http://www.cnn.com/2003/US/Northeast/03/04/iraq.usa.shirt.reut/index.html
<Sh0rty> :
<Sh0rty> stupid americans :|
<Sh0rty> canada > all
<m0swald> my giant american pee pee would rip your canadian-wang-trained females apart!
<Sh0rty> :o
<m0swald> I'm american, therefore my wang is gigantic.  at least, that's what the media tells me
<m0swald> not to mention, I'm TEXAN, so it must be doubly huge
<m0swald> I assume it's true, too.  because every woman I've shown it to has giggled in terror!
<m0swald> IN TERROR

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