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[vvandering_nomad] I took some of that fake blood one night, and made it look like my eye was gushing blood. I walked up to the front office of the complex where this poor cute little asian gal was working.
[vvandering_nomad] I walked up to her and said "Is Student Health Services open?"
[Lehsa] ROFL
[vvandering_nomad] I scored some free wet-naps!
[Ku'vah] LOL
[Lehsa] you are so mean Nomie
[Ku'vah] I need to get some fake blood
[vvandering_nomad] She almost called an ambulance, until I convinced her that I was "getting some pills for it." and that it "Happens every winter."
[Lehsa] LOL
[Lehsa] rofl
[Ku'vah] LOL
[lvlarein] Haha

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