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<n> hi...okay, i know exactly what i want!...you should be older than myself...larger in stature than me...preferably Well~Hung..intelligent..cool..funloving..easy going..gentle with a firm touch..you should just relish the the role of Top Daddy who takes what he wants!...me: i am Totally shaved and smooth all over(everywhere!)..soft smooth tanned complexion..i LOVE wearing sexy little panties and being playfully~submissive to your advances in an almost femme manner
<n> lol
<booger> i wonder how she shaves around her own asshole
<booger> thats gotta hurt
<pat> nair?
<booger> what if she gets nair up her ass?
<pat> e-mail her and find out
<n> uhm
<n> thats a he
<booger> OMG

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