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<Aurin> Which reminds me of a tragic event that happened to me yesterday in a second-hand store
<Aurin> I found this Pikachu-suit intended for kids, but I swear it looked like I could wear it
<Aurin> So I take it with me and go to see if it would fit
<Rhys> and it turns out it has detachable buttflaps for anal sex?
<Aurin> Well, the rooms in second-hand stores are just like a corner behind a curtain
<Aurin> I tried it on and noticed it was too small
<Aurin> And it looked horribly, HORRIBLY wrong
<Aurin> Going in my butt and the sorts :<
<Rhys> pika g string
<Rhys> ^^;;
<Rhys> electric sex..?
<Aurin> Well, I was giggling at myself when I hear the voice of a shopping trolley, coming closer
<Aurin> *sound
<Nevada> haha
<Aurin> Then a voice of an old lady asking "IS ANYBODY THERE?!?"
<Aurin> And the curtain is ripped open
<Aurin> That was the most humble moment in my entire lifetime.

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