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<zoweee> i'm holding out til the next election
<zoweee> if it goes against us, i'll seriously begin looking for my cultural fire exits
<zoweee> "There are exts at the front and the rear of american democracy. Please take this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the nearest exit. In the event of a theocratic american hegemony, lights will appear on either end of the aisle, marking the way to your exit for you."
<zoweee> in the unlikely event of the repeal of Ammendments 1-5, your seat cushion may be used to purchase carriage across one of our more porous borders
<zoweee> should there be a  depressurization of america's historical tolerance for diversity, bibles will drop from the overhead compartment. please read your own copy before assisting small children
<zoweee> please do not read pirated versions of the bible, as this may give aid and comfort to terrorist organizations
<qBaz> zow: marry me immediately
<zoweee> we thank you for flying Knee Jerk Republican Contract with America, and hope you'll enjoy your stay in 2003. Or wherever your final destination may be.

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