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<Richad34> Oy I had a bad night
<Richad34> I couldn't sleep, and had no idea what to do. My parents are still awake, it was midnight, and I was bored.
<Richad34> So then I remembered that I had a drama presentation the next class and I played a rich guy so I needed a suit.
<Richad34> I take out my suit, and get dressed. You know, the works. I even took out my top hat and my cane.
<Richad34> Now it gets a little weird. I had to go downstairs in order to see how I looked as it's the only place with a full body mirror. My parents sleep on the same floor as me so I didn't want to wake them up.
<Richad34> So I got this idea. I decided to turn on my TV so that my parents thought people were talking outside, and my footsteps would be noises they were making. I thought it would work, I was tired.
<Richad34> I ran downstairs, checked myself out. I looked fine, so I went back into my room
<Richad34> Now by then the running in a suit had made me kind of itchy (down south), so I quickly undo my pants and release what was stuck and to relieve my itch with my hand.
<Richad34> And my mom opens the door to the room and all I do is freeze in surprise
<Richad34> I don't know what she was thinking, but I can tell you the following
<Richad34> It was midnight, I was in a suit and top hat, and I appeared to be jacking off to George from Seinfeld.
<Richad34> And my mom just stood there in disbelief
<Richad34> I can't tell you what ensued, but it involved attempted exorcism and lots of crying
<Richad34> Best night ever

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