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<InvisableMan> then take them all out
<InvisableMan> all 200,000 of them
<InvisableMan> and deport them
<InvisableMan> to afganistan or something
<InvisableMan> libya
<cheezychops> TO CANADA!
<ChronoKnight> cheezy..my god
<ChronoKnight> im right here
<InvisableMan> hahaha
<cheezychops> like i said ChronoKnight
<cheezychops> TO CANADA!
<chris> lol
<ChronoKnight> pffft
<ChronoKnight> im sorry to hear that
<cheezychops> read it
<cheezychops> not hear
<cheezychops> you read it
<cheezychops> stupid canadians
<cheezychops> :P
<ChronoKnight> read what
<InvisableMan> rofl

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