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Rimbaud: oh my god
Rimbaud: do you have half a minute?
tlaryko: yes. what?
Rimbaud: I just opened a package for the office
Rimbaud: addressed to ________(1)
Rimbaud: I thought it was toner
Rimbaud: :/
tlaryko: ?!?!?!?!?!?! :-))
Rimbaud: He's not here, thank god
Rimbaud: We're all pissing ourselves laughing
Rimbaud: I taped it back up
tlaryko: poor puggy!
Rimbaud: Seriously grim front cover too
Rimbaud: I'm disturbed
tlaryko: can i tell my sister? this is too funny
Rimbaud: sure
tlaryko: oh I had a mighty good chuckle.
Rimbaud: _______(2) was barely surprised
Rimbaud: Although she's still laughing hysterically
Rimbaud: Apparently my reaction was funny
tlaryko: what was your reaction?
Rimbaud: Before I had finished opening it, I made some comment about it probably being gay porn for _________(1)
Rimbaud: Then it was
Rimbaud: And I sort of screamed in fright
tlaryko: hehehehehehehehe

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