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<TheCardboardTubeSamurai> lmfao i found another phone number for a dude named Dick Ftizwell
<@RxR|Skitzo> lolol
<@RxR|Skitzo> you need life...badly
<TheCardboardTubeSamurai> thank you captain obvious
<TheCardboardTubeSamurai> what would i ever do without you my trusted sidekick
<@RxR|Skitzo> haha
* RxR|Skitzo is now known as Captain`Obvious
<@Captain`Obvious> side kick?
<@Captain`Obvious> youre my side kick bitch
<@Captain`Obvious> i am 2nd to no one
<TheCardboardTubeSamurai> yes, yes you think so, but u see... i have the tube. the all mighty cardboard tube. you do not. your my side kick. deal with it.
<TheCardboardTubeSamurai> now that that is settled, let us go save farm animals from being stolen by bandits!
<@Captain`Obvious> haha
<@Captain`Obvious> nah, lets save matts neighbors from having more guns stolen from them...by him
<TheCardboardTubeSamurai> very well then! hurry! to the mistery machiene!
<@Captain`Obvious> its Mystery Machine
<TheCardboardTubeSamurai> thank you once again captain obvious
<@RxR|SkaAntiFlag> ya i steal guns
<@RxR|SkaAntiFlag>  so what??
<@RxR|SkaAntiFlag>  i also stole your 12 year old sister virginity
<@Captain`Obvious> i steal everything else lol
<TheCardboardTubeSamurai> once again, you save the day captain obvious! without your obviousness the world would suck.

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