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<Hostile blinks>
<MacBinaryBot> You blink, I stink, we're pink.
<Hostile> you dink
<MacBinaryBot> You kink
<Hostile> youd think
<MacBinaryBot> You're gonna sink.
<Hostile> ok *wink*
<MacBinaryBot> heh
<MacBinaryBot> Time to twink.
<Hostile> silly chink
<MacBinaryBot> Long link
<Hostile> is it mink?
<MacBinaryBot> Need zinc!
<Hostile> lol you wrink
<MacBinaryBot> You're covered in ink.
<Hostile> bah thats what i was gonna use, you .... erm bink -.-
<Hostile> k i lose
<Hostile> *cry*
<MacBinaryBot> lol, finque
<Hostile> -.-
<Hostile> time for me to go shrink

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