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<@stuartf> I just went and got a coke, the machine is one of the ones
                 with the conveyor belt in it and there was already a coke on
                 the belt
<@stuartf> if you buy anything to the left of the drink on the belt you
                 get what's already on the belt and your drink is left there
<@stuartf> if you buy anything to the right you get your drink and the
                 one on the belt remains
<@stuartf> if you drop another drink on the one that's already on the
                 belt the output is undefined
<@[M]oon> classic divide by coke error
<@PowerOfCheese[w]> this is a classic coke-in-the-middle attack
<@[M]oon> trojan coke
<@PowerOfCheese[w]> diet coke injection attack
<@Edgar_work> damnit, I wanted a water and got pinapple fanta
<@[M]oon> ahh. it got edgar

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