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<lulzngigulz> there was this kid i met
<lulzngigulz> and apparently he likes me a lot, but luckily, he lives far away
<lulzngigulz> how do i tell him to move on?
<WTFchristianOMG> ok, here's what you do
<WTFchristianOMG> pretend you have a bf
<WTFchristianOMG> that's the gentle way to do it
<WTFchristianOMG> "Yeah, you can meet John!  He's so awesome!"
<WTFchristianOMG> or, alternatively, talk about how hot other guys are
<WTFchristianOMG> that happened to me, it took me two days to figure out i was being told to take a hike
<lulzngigulz> hey christian
<lulzngigulz> i think we should hang out
<lulzngigulz> you can meet andrew, he's so cool
<lulzngigulz> but first i want to tell you about luke, he's so hot

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