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<olaf> there's a retarded kid who picks up coins
<olaf> well did when we went to high school
<olaf> he would stop for even a penny
<olaf> well, my girlfriend at the time had a huuuuge collection jar
<olaf> and she brought it to school one morning
<olaf> so we could put them all over the place
<olaf> and we walked outside to where he was hanging out
<olaf> and i pretended to trip and fall
<olaf> right in front of him
<olaf> and the coins went FUCKING EVERYWHER
<olaf> but not only did he pick up all the coins
<olaf> he would pick them up 1 at a time
<olaf> every time he bent over
<olaf> he was there for fucking EVER
<olaf> and then my little sister and my friend zac
<olaf> on one of the days i was suspended
<olaf> superglued a fucking quarter and put it on the ground
<olaf> and it got stuck to his hand
<olaf> and he was swinging his hand around screaming in his tard voice
<olaf> and, apparently
<olaf> everyone and their god damned mother laughed for ever
<olaf> yeah, i'm a shitty human so what
<||bass> you're my hero

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