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<midi> if you find some poor idiot with his tongue stuck to the rail
<midi> with a train coming and decide that you really don't wanna see
<midi> him splat, a convenient source of warm mostly-clean saltwater
<midi> is indeed your bladder...
<midi> (or so said one of my scoutmasters...)
<Squeedle> midi: though they might just rip their tongue off trying to
<Squeedle> get away from a scoutmaster pulling his pants down at them
<midi> squee:  either way, he gets his tongue off the track.  and if
<midi> you're lucky, you get to piss in an idiot's face.
<midi> it's cathartic and good karma.  how cool is that?
<Squeedle> well hey, what more can you ask for
<hoche> o/~ hey baby, if you'll be my dog, i'll be your tree, and you
<hoche> can pee on me! o/~
<Squeedle> schadenfreude: A malicious satisfaction in the misfortunes of
<Squeedle> others
<midi> which is kinda neat.  you get a choice between letting natural
<midi> selection work or pissing in the idiot's face.  it's win-win.

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