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Draketh: I got a piercing last night
Draketh: and I don't really regret it even though it was a decision made totally under the influence
Finn: ...
Draketh: so we're sitting around another fire blowing things up since it's the 4th and drinking, I walk over and sit down and the topic is piercings so we start talking, eventually it shifts to genital piercings
Finn: ...
Draketh: I mentioned always being interested in a prince albert, and this girl that was there that was like a friend of one of my cousins friends or some shit
shes like "I work at a piercing parlor, I have all my shit in the car I can totally do that right now"
Draketh: It was legit, like steralized tools in sealed packages and everything, bowl of alcohol to soak the tools in, she wore gloves.
Draketh: It was like being at a piercing parlor
Draketh: Except I was in a big ass comfy patio chair with a bottle of Makers
Finn: I just.... I don't think I could ever let someone shove anything through my penis
Draketh: actually I think it's gonna be hilarious
Draketh: like I have no tattoo's, no other piercings and then like BAM "Suprise!"
Draketh: it's like opening the plain brown wrapped gift on Christmas, and instead of a sweater it's a new laptop
Draketh: see, the laptop is my dick
Finn: .... just.... wow

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