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<Kanitaria> ugh codi has a penis injury right now and can't have sex or masturbate and hes gettin really fuckin bitchy lol
<Kanitaria> plus hes not helping with any of the dishes or laundry this week cause im home he figures i'll do it all
<Kanitaria> fml
<random4t4x14> Kanitaria: what the hell did he do to his penis?
<GCNinja> so that ^^^^^^^^^^
<Gollom> Masturbated too hard?
<GCNinja> dick punch?
<Gollom> Tried to ride a bannister down the stairs but misjudged?
<GCNinja> modify the cowboy position?
<Gollom> Naked jumping jacks infront of a hungry dog?
<random4t4x14> drunk masterbated, stood up and fell over on it?
<GCNinja> did you staple it to his stomach?
<random4t4x14> penacne?
<Kanitaria> he did it to himself, i didn't do anything
<GCNinja> mis alligned chisity belt?
<GCNinja> chastity*
<random4t4x14> vasectomy?
<Kanitaria> he grabbed a shitty condom last week and it caused to much  much friction and he tore his frenulum then the other day he thought he was good to go and it made3 it worse
<Gollom> Stuck it in a pencil sharpener "just to see what it's like"

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