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#876 +(907)- [X]

* [obi-wan] is away, jedi meditation (sleep) [log:OFF] [page:OFF]
<blazemore> i wonder when n0m is gonna come down from his starwars trip
* [obi-wan] waves his hand in front of blazemore "i am not on a starwars trip"

#886 +(553)- [X]

<osx> I programmed my sidewinder for IRC combat.
<osx> A for Awp, B for Ban, and C for Kick.
<osx> So watch out..

#3163 +(1013)- [X]

<drlion> linux hacker 1: i'm bored.  linux hacker 2: let's re-write the whole kernel!  linux hacker 1: ok.  *hackety-hack*  linux hacker 1: wow, it's 0.00001% faster and takes up 1kb less space!  linux hacker 2: w00t.

#3322 +(224)- [X]

*** Now talking in #coffee
<DigDug> WOOT!!!!!!
<DigDug> ^_^

#4395 +(631)- [X]

<Predictable> "Peace, love, and Linux" makes me think of a guy with excessive facial hair in a tiedye t-shirt, shorts, and sandals saying "You can't use that distribution MAN" "You can't like, own an OS, MAN"

#4913 +(254)- [X]

<Conjure> closed minded idiots
<Conjure> playing with feces owns

#5988 +(303)- [X]

<rmalink> are you feeling any better?
<dep01> no... not really..
<rmalink> you know what it is?  allergies...
<dep01> no, you know what it is?  the crippling depression..

#7681 +(12)- [X]

* harbor21 explains to the channel subtle cheating.. an example from my life:
once went to my boyfriends house and we had sex... and he peed on me... and then the next time he came to my house i had sex with him but wouldn't pee on him(worried about my carpet)
* harbor21 is a suble cheater

#8809 +(151)- [X]

<moira> Ibet  I could play my lungs like a harp if they weren't stuck insdie my body

#32954 +(218)- [X]

<Takashi> is there any mecha-hentai with mechs doing each other?

#33328 +(153)- [X]

<jusque> neva let a girl give you head with gum in her mouth it hurts when you have to take gum outta youre pubes

#34370 +(202)- [X]

<tye>   and deref'ing is easy to remember because robots, ->[ , use simple integer indices while samuri, ->{ , have names for everything, and aliens, ->( , use functional programming

#37138 +(359)- [X]

<darkrift> 10 bucks I'm gonna be the only one wearing hobbit ears and strapped with my ork sword at lord of the rings 2.
<Cano> and u'll get beat down
<darkrift> uhm no
<darkrift> hello
<darkrift> ork detecing sword.

#38207 +(11)- [X]

<VanWilder> god i used this massage oil on this chick last night and now my room wreaks of it
<nivenh> were you massaging "her" penis?

#39287 +(128)- [X]

*** Now talking in #ircnewbies
*** Topic is 'New ChanStats www.ircnewbies.net/ircnewbies/ircnewbies.html'
*** Set by e|ixir on Fri Oct 11 11:22:28
<c-rOCK> Damn cant go anywhere these days without the place being full of fuckin n00bs.

#39419 +(283)- [X]

*** BlitzVector2 has joined #rpgfan
* BlitzVector2 is in the house
*** BlitzVector2 was kicked by KeeperX (no. the door is locked.)

#40510 +(623)- [X]

<dilema> acronyms make this world a better place
<AswethinkweServ> lets have an acronym contest
<Lisa[NY]> stfu

#42331 +(568)- [X]

<Dezzy> actually i was looking for girlie porn for my boyfriend
<Beerman> you're a girlie
<Beerman> you can MAKE girlie porn!
<Dezzy> hm.... true...

#46004 +(173)- [X]

<precid> hardcore doggystyle on tv
<precid> brb
<antiuser> o_O
<precid> wow those nips are like an inch long
<antiuser> spare us from your one handed typing mate

#46717 +(143)- [X]

<Molson> Yeah...Good idea
<Jouka> Hell bitch the wieght would drop like hell
<Molson> I see it now:   Ultra-Diet, lose over 50 pounds in a month
<Molson> Course no where on the bottle tell them they are ingesting tape worm eggs.
<Jouka> Bwahahaha
<Cindy728> um.....ew....

#50087 +(576)- [X]

<Gartt> 60% of girls first kiss is with another girl
<LatinoReheat> that is a most sexy statistic

#53850 +(316)- [X]

<Red_Avatar> Select [192kbps 44100Hz 03:53min] Mandy Moore - Only hope
<Darth-Phenom> Mandy Moore!! ROCK ON
<Red_Avatar> don't mock the music my girlfriend gave me!!
<RaptorMkII> Sure, your girl friend.

#58683 +(163)- [X]

<@bmann> once it gets warmer im getting a fucking job
<@rambopfc> just get a snowblower, u could get a blow job

#58765 +(246)- [X]

<AlpViper> apparantly my motherboard temp is 72 degrees
<AlpViper> is that bad
<Nom> farenheight or celcius ?
<Nom> if its celcius then yes, its bad
<AlpViper> oh dear

#60181 +(285)- [X]

<Suave|Away> Oh, and don't DnD tonight.
<cow> dnd
<cow> ?
<cow> oh
<cow> yer
<cow> no way
<cow> !
<funnel|getreddy> dnd?
<Suave|Away> Either Dungeons and Dragons, or Drink n Drive
<Suave|Away> Either way, you're a bloody idiot

#62255 +(178)- [X]

* phieje (~kp12@ Quit (Quit: kersik putih net 1 pc 12)
<+otaku1> that signoff message really makes ya think
<+Dr`Device> Yeah.
<+Dr`Device> It makes me think "I'm sure glad i don't know whatever the fuck language that is".

#75402 +(-82)- [X]

<pie> wait i know how to get us in the top 50
<pie> start loggin
<sublies> wait it saying something
<sublies> OMG WTF????????????/
<pie> ha ha pwned

#76423 +(26)- [X]

[+clown] Bytebandit what about .mk?
[@Bytebandit] [19:07:07] mk = Macedonia
[+clown] if .mk is macedonia, what the hell is mexico then?
[@toca] .mx
<@Avalanche> .dirty

#81744 +(288)- [X]

<seaslug> the amish pick wierd names for their towns
<seaslug> for example, i've been to intercourse, pennsylvania
<ctkrohn> If there was a town named "sex" in Maine, it would be written on am envelope as Sex ME
<seaslug> it goes without saying that i've never been to intercourse
<bpt> "How did your trip go?" "I never made it to Orgasm"

#98701 +(2173)- [X]

<@Exor[B-AFK]> yeah apparently a teacher in britain was arrested. on him they found a pencil, eraser, ruler, protractor and compass. They said he was part of the Al Gebra network, and that he had weapons of math instruction!
<@Exor[B-AFK]> HA HA.
* Exor[B-AFK] shoots self

#99746 +(75)- [X]

<end|Anthroborg> those are the risks people take to enjoy quality porn
<Saevus> neg, quality porn sites dont do that
<Saevus> if you pay
<end|Anthroborg> pay
<end|Anthroborg> rofl
<Saevus> exactly
<end|Anthroborg> it only takes the main page to get off on
<Saevus> lol

#101611 +(403)- [X]

* @Magn0lia catches TollsXP and gives him an atomic wedgie
*  TollsXP 's nether regions emit radiation now
*  ramoth4 gives TollsXP an iWedge
*  TollsXP 's nether regions are now manufactured by apple
*  ramoth4 gives TollsXP a WedgieXP
*  TollsXP 's nether regions crash
< TollsXP> or perhaps they hang ;)
< TollsXP> but I certainly hope they don't freeze.

#102752 +(40)- [X]

<mufffin> i could live there
<mufffin> except its an apartment
<Schlurbna> That's not to say I wouldn't live there but I expect more from
  penthouse apartments.
<hoek_> Schlurbna - you expect penthouse models in there?

#117885 +(348)- [X]

<ExS> McDonalds
<ExS>  "Mick-Don-Ulds"
<ExS> A handy substitute for food, in the same way that piss is a handy substitute for fresh drinking water.
<ExS> Dude: "Why are you holding a turd in your hand? OH MY GOD, DON'T PUT THAT TURD IN YOUR MOUTH!!!!"
<ExS> Other dude: "It's McDonalds."
<ExS> Dude: "Oh! Can I have a bite?"

#203911 +(1063)- [X]

<DrBacchus> fajita: RFC 2795
<fajita> DrBacchus: excuse me?
<DrBacchus> fajita: You're supposed to give me a link.
<fajita> DrBacchus: i'm not following you...
<DrBacchus> dumb bot
<fajita> Stupid human

#261902 +(421)- [X]

<Kazeuri> I feel like such a nerd
<Chris> Why?
<Kazeuri> I went to go call my girlfriend, and when I was thinking of the first numbers to dial, instead of 535, "HTTP" came to my head

#306020 +(1392)- [X]

<Jericho24.> -=AFK=- I"m not here right now, if you"d like to reach me on my cell phone, buy me a cell phone.

#350534 +(427)- [X]

Pingu: heh just randomly i said to someone
Pingu: "kate, why are you such a bell end?"
Pingu: just to see what theyd say
Pingu: kate  says: because i was born that way
Bull3h: you've been blocked
Pingu: nah
Pingu: kate's hardcore
Bull3h: does hardcore ?
Pingu: yes
Pingu: i just asked her if im allowed to call her a bell end to her face and she said yes
Pingu: im toying with the idea of asking her if i can slap her in the face with my bell end
Bull3h: clearly she fancies you
Pingu: yeah
Bull3h: but is she hot ?
Pingu: well...
Pingu: she's not not hot
Bull3h: with my few years extra of experiance i'd say that the girls who are fairly hot but not really hot are the best kind
Bull3h: they're not cock sluts who fuck you over and just keep you about because they like the attention
Bull3h: tho you gotta watch out, crazy girls... watch out, they'll do something like split up with you because everythings going to well and they dont want to get hurt
Bull3h: then stalk you and keep suggesting that you get back with them
Pingu: sorry
Pingu: carry on
Bull3h: so basically drug her and rape her.
Pingu: k
Bull3h: roofies
Pingu: best way

#361547 +(2481)- [X]

<Beerman> I'm the top of the nick list
<Beerman> therefore I am the tallest
<Outsyder> i am in the middle of the nick list
<Outsyder> therefore i am the belly
<Beerman> does that make Sethur the naughty bits?
<Sethur> Hmmmm.
* Sethur is now known as Sethurrrrrrrrrrrr
<Sethurrrrrrrrrrrr> That's better.
<Beerman> you're still at the "naughty bits" area of the nick list
<Sethurrrrrrrrrrrr> Yes. That's why I made my nick longer

#384228 +(684)- [X]

<Aragorn^> I tried using the old "show me yours and I'll show you mine" trick...maybe I should reverse it...show me yours OR I'll show you mine.

#426917 +(1455)- [X]

<@[S]W|Supey|Around> what the fcuk? a DVD enlargement system? did my two spam senders mix their titles?

#454094 +(596)- [X]

<LoY|Steam> fucks sake
<LoY|Steam> i tell you what is embarassing
<LoY|Steam> when you go on a date with a lass
<LoY|Steam> who is rather plump
<LoY|Steam> and you try to pick her up as a bit of fun
<LoY|Steam> but physically
<LoY|Steam> you cant fucking lift her
<LoY|Steam> worse fucking date ever, got no sex and put my fucking back out

#714482 +(486)- [X]

Gigs|  spammers need to get thier shit straight
Gigs| "horny mom getting it for the first time"

#745228 +(1283)- [X]

<Foamy> im a little teapot
<Foamy> short and stout
<Foamy> here is my handle
* Trueborn has kicked Foamy from #totse (get the fuck out)

#759646 +(240)- [X]

[ + [Adam] ]: MAN
[ + [Adam] ]: I want an arab inflatable sex doll
[ + [Adam] ]: they blow themSELVES up

#809286 +(798)- [X]

<maba>: i just had the WORST geek moment of my life, im actually ashamed of myself
<maba>: i was reading a book cause im bored of WoW and i went to set it down to go make some supper
<maba>: i looked at the page number and memorized it (unconsciously) and went and made food
<maba>: took me like like 35 mins to cook and eat right?
<maba>: i came back in my room and the book was closed, i picked it up and though "what was my page number again?"
<maba>: then i go "ah yeah it was the first 3 prime numbers".
<mrbips>:you...that...jesus christ, i cant think of anything to add to that to make it sound worse!

#894043 +(631)- [X]

<Logix> You know you watch too much porn, when you see a pussy and instantly know it's an asian pussy.

#925461 +(577)- [X]

Draketh: I got a piercing last night
Draketh: and I don't really regret it even though it was a decision made totally under the influence
Finn: ...
Draketh: so we're sitting around another fire blowing things up since it's the 4th and drinking, I walk over and sit down and the topic is piercings so we start talking, eventually it shifts to genital piercings
Finn: ...
Draketh: I mentioned always being interested in a prince albert, and this girl that was there that was like a friend of one of my cousins friends or some shit
shes like "I work at a piercing parlor, I have all my shit in the car I can totally do that right now"
Draketh: It was legit, like steralized tools in sealed packages and everything, bowl of alcohol to soak the tools in, she wore gloves.
Draketh: It was like being at a piercing parlor
Draketh: Except I was in a big ass comfy patio chair with a bottle of Makers
Finn: I just.... I don't think I could ever let someone shove anything through my penis
Draketh: actually I think it's gonna be hilarious
Draketh: like I have no tattoo's, no other piercings and then like BAM "Suprise!"
Draketh: it's like opening the plain brown wrapped gift on Christmas, and instead of a sweater it's a new laptop
Draketh: see, the laptop is my dick
Finn: .... just.... wow

#925489 +(13)- [X]

<+fuji@2ch> Basically, he and his second wife, not my mother, got in a fight.  He kicked her out and started drinking massively.
<th0r> ah, fuck alcohol >.< one of the worst materials we ever created
<+fuji@2ch> He spent awhile sitting alone in the house with no food and few hundred scotch bottles.
<th0r> That's crazy... how's everything now?
<+fuji@2ch> He basically fried out his brain,and went crazy and started building a fort in the middle of a busy street.
<th0r> ... what? Seriously?
<+fuji@2ch> yeah, no kidding.
<th0r> That sounds more like something a paranoid schizophrenic would do...
<+fuji@2ch> Yeah, well maybe there's some other issues going on.

#954101 +(188)- [X]

<Maastonakki> we are sending hamburgers to space now
<Maastonakki> not sure if I want to live on this planet anymore
<@r4w> especially if all the burgers are in space!

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