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#540 +(154)- [X]

<hypr> i need jewcases or like paper or plastic things to put cds in :.

#838 +(354)- [X]

<Agent_M> hey, i bet $10 that r0f is masturbating right now
<Spud-Alt> what odds?
<Agent_M> 1-10000

#2606 +(52)- [X]

<BlackDeth> warez b dum
<BlackDeth> go traffic cocaine
<BlackDeth> if you want to traffic illegal goods
<BlackDeth> do smth useful

#2952 +(278)- [X]

<nstylz> i want to make a site that the people run it and then just forget about it and watch the $ go in
<Deadbolt> sorry, we already have a slashdot

#3181 +(1510)- [X]

<jip_> anyone know offhand how to make comments in lisp?
<Jumper> people still use lisp ?
<Liqd_Work> people started using lisp?
<MediArc> people can program?
<Jumper> ..people ?
<MediArc> ??
<drlion> there was light?

#3340 +(206)- [X]

(koch): !need some help
(koch): !anyone in private please
(@Lynkx): koch: what the hell are you doing
(@dc): hes an idiot
(@Lynkx): !i want a vagina
(@Lynkx): shit
(@Lynkx): don`t werk

#3616 +(616)- [X]

<azmaveth> man u know that is funny as shit is my school ip

#4130 +(103)- [X]

<djazonic> tiko: do you know how to setup a win2k's telnet server?
<JediPimp> djazonic: format c: ; <insert linux CD>

#7033 +(190)- [X]

<Paine> "What body parts would you be willing to give away to play AO normally?"
<Paine> I mean, are you really using that little toe for anything important?
<Rattran> Depends on how many are in the freezer, doesn't it?
<Burimpu> I'd give my left vaginal wall to play AO properly!

#7356 +(329)- [X]

<zeitgeist> bobs car is now known as scomobile :)
<lsd> hehehe
<lsd> does that make bob 'scoman'?
<lsd> nananananananana
<lsd> SCOMAN!
<zeitgeist> lol
<lsd> quick scoman! into the scomobole!
<zeitgeist> holy floating point exception errors scoman!

#8244 +(1319)- [X]

<`Trivia`>  kq1.169. Swans are the only birds with?
<`Trivia`>  1st Hint: *******   Question Value : 4 Points
*** Joins: StupidFsh
<oregvphf> attitude
<JtHMx> Penises
<oregvphf> ;)
<`Trivia`>  YES, JtHMx!!!  got the answer ->  Penises <-  in  11.697  secs, and gets  4  Points
<`Trivia`> JtHMx has won  2  in a row!! Total Points this WEEK:  10  & this MONTH:  10
<JtHMx> what?!?!
<oregvphf> HAHAHA
* oregvphf falls over

#8329 +(351)- [X]

<a> i wish i had some vr goggles or something
<Loc-Dog> a: for porn?
<a> so nobody could tell i was playing games
<a> games being interactive porn
<Loc-Dog> a: they'd be able to tell when you pulled out the "joystick" to manuever your "character" in the "first person shooter"
<a> Loc-Dog: i use the keyboard.

#8476 +(279)- [X]

<tm> meetings, the alternative to work
<Dane> meetings, the PRACTICAL alternative to work
<Rushn> Masterbation, the FUN alternative to work

#10135 +(848)- [X]

<Starchild> !define PCMCIA
<CCU-Bot> 2 entries found for PCMCIA.
<CCU-Bot> Entry 1/2:
<CCU-Bot>  <body, standard> Personal Computer Memory Card International
<CCU-Bot>  Association. (Or People Can't Memorise Computer Industry
<CCU-Bot>  Acronyms).
<CCU-Bot> DONE - PCMCIA (Entry 1/2)
<Starchild> hey, fuck you

#10730 +(351)- [X]

<+Genome> the next version of mirc should support 3D visualisation plugins like winamp
<%Yukanojo> wtf would you visualize with mIRC?
<+Kumaneko> text rate?

#16749 +(788)- [X]

<Phillip`> i just had starbucks coffee
<K_Russell> join #someonewhocares :(
<Phillip`> no one is there :(

#17346 +(127)- [X]

<harb> I'm good at designing things, usually.
<harb> Implemting is another matter. :|
<harb> Implementing. blah.
<homeslice> Spelling also poses a problem.

#18457 +(958)- [X]

<Kaltorak> every 7 out of 6 days is a bad day for my typing skils.
<Kaltorak> oh my god.

#22121 +(146)- [X]

<Scorp10n> god I'm an idiot
<Scorp10n> I have to like make icons on my desktop to help me remember shit
<Scorp10n> because that's like the only place where I'm 100% sure to see them unless the power goes out

#22149 +(19)- [X]

<Unit01> [Animepix]: go get all your little fairy friends and tell them

#22906 +(515)- [X]

harm|work: there was a fucking insect on my monitor
harm|work: and i saw it and i was like fuck im gonna squelch it
harm|work: and i pointed
harm|work: and double clicked
harm|work: i mustve missed cause it flew away :(

#24709 +(675)- [X]

<GameSlt> I just got back from new york/canada
<GinandPlatonic> rad, and how was new york/canada?
<GameSlt> it was ok...went river rafting which was cooler than one would think
<GameSlt> my mom fell out...was funny.
<GinandPlatonic> oh heh...this river rafting, does it have multiplayer support?
<GameSlt> up to 8 players I think
<GameSlt> and a great frame rate
<GinandPlatonic>: oh, hmm...
<GinandPlatonic>: What about "camping whores"?
<GameSlt>: they are called rocks...the bastards
<GameSlt>: I "ownz" them

#30162 +(860)- [X]

<Neil> Whit, if you have nothing better to do, please dont spend time repeating what other people say in an irc channel, for your own fun, its quite annoying.
<Whit> wheet, eff yew heave notink beta toodew, police doughnut spin tyme rear-painting wot order peepul sail un hey eye arr sea chang hell foo yew un fon, hits quit annayin

#41741 +(690)- [X]

<Rodney> damn mom still on ebay
<territory> lol
<territory> ur selling ur mom?

#45883 +(219)- [X]

<schwarPC> this icr client fixes spellings...

#47827 +(240)- [X]

<Kouban> My friend had a dog that ate a sock once, and it came out hole x_x
<Chimerasame> ..
<Crimsonmonkey> which hole

#49842 +(176)- [X]

* |404notfound is now known as [404notfound]
<[404notfound]> Does this nick format make me look fat?

#52661 +(292)- [X]

<+NikitaDk> The problem is that God gave men both a penis and a brain, but only blood enough to control one organ at a time... Robin Williams
<+Challii> ha ha ha ha ha ha
<+Challii> and it gave women too much blood that they had to get rid of a load of it each month

#53285 +(1415)- [X]

<Slime> I think in ten years time I will look back on days like this and cry.
<Slime> The times I spent at 2am talking about girls who have dicks and legs made of slugs eating each other whilst melting.
<Slime> My future wife will be all "Tell me what you did as a teenager" and I will say "NOW IS TIME FOR SLEEP"
<MechaMrEd> And then you'll notice she has an erection

#56879 +(1511)- [X]

<CuZZa> i lived there for a month
<CuZZa> japan is great
<CuZZa> really fucked up, but great
<CuZZa> its weird. me being a 6'4 white guy standing on a train with a bunch of japanese people who are around 5'
<CuZZa> i had a fucking guy dressed as sailor moon looking at me as if I was the weirdo

#71406 +(224)- [X]

Dutchman: I admit ignorance, I have no idea what a Dirty Sanchez is but thats the name of my fantasy football league

#75254 +(919)- [X]

* Rage slaps phucker with his glove
<@Rage> i challange you to a dule
<@Phucker> I challenge you to a spelling-contest.

#76467 +(765)- [X]

<andy> I want to live in a camaro, not a van.
<WIP> You can't put a waterbed in a camaro.
<andy> that sounds suspiciously like a bet.

#81961 +(212)- [X]

<Pharsalus> It would really suck if you were a siamese twin -- your other half was gay, and you were not...and you shared the same ass..
* Pharsalus ponders

#89814 +(1155)- [X]

<SomeRandom> It looks like operation Iraqi Freedom is almost over.
<Diablo1399> Bah! "Iraqi Freedom" is a shit name.
<SomeRandom> Well what would you have called it then?
<Diablo1399> Easy: Operation Who's Your Baghdaddy.

#100494 +(306)- [X]

<eidos> INFINITE/2 = middle, DUH

#102224 +(388)- [X]

<Breianna> The U.K. is adding a new stripe to its flag
<Breianna> Black, to reflect its "multiculturalism"
<whitcomb> i noticed all the blue people when i went there

#105216 +(74)- [X]

<sent> 84 counts of rape ;/
<cougSanF> yeah
<cougSanF> all while the girls were drugged
<cougSanF> and he filmed it
<cranky-> 84 counts of rape?
<shaan> hm
<shaan> are the vids on kazaa?

#105892 +(261)- [X]

<fallen> let me tell ya its hard to keep up when wanking to death metal..

#119800 +(128)- [X]

<FluKex> isnt cheddar house for the alternative sexual preference people?
<crib> FluKex you mean fags?
<FluKex> crib my term is less..  umm,  bah,  ya,   its for fags

#174967 +(1579)- [X]

<Morj|YeozWins> I was once driving along the freeway,and a friend through some garbage out the window, and this lady ran over it
<Morj|YeozWins> So she started chasing us
<Morj|YeozWins> So I started going like 150-180 km/h down the freeway to get away, and she followed me
<Morj|YeozWins> So I eventualyl pulled over, and she gets out of her car and runs up and goes "WHAT THE HELL, WHY WERE YOU DRIVING SO FAST YOU LITTLE ASSHOLE, I HAVE A BABY IN THE CAR YOU KNOW"

#237913 +(189)- [X]

<Penguin> All I did was try to brighten up their days, with racial hate propaganda.
<cow|a> ahhaah
<cow|a> as you should.
<Penguin> And what do they do in return? Ban me!

#238461 +(308)- [X]

<pussyfart> jesus h. christ..
<mycheese> wtf does the h stand for
<pussyfart> ...
<pussyfart> henry

#254773 +(424)- [X]

<Beercaps> its not easy spelling bukkake
<RedX> specially with your mouth full ;-)

#255209 +(1422)- [X]

<arsifoofoo> you know...
<arsifoofoo> people rub corn on themselves for skin therapy
<arsifoofoo> "hard pore cornography"

#257878 +(589)- [X]

<drag0n> Subject: threat level raised
<drag0n> Due to explosives that were found under a rail bed in France, the Chirac government has raised the threat level in France to the second highest level.  The President of France announced that as of 10:00 a.m., the threat level will officially go from "run" to "hide."

#258614 +(305)- [X]

<Iyouboushi> hm.. personally, if it was me.. I'd be more worried about finding Kouga (who has 2 shards in his legs) and Kohaku (who has a shard in his back)
<Iyouboushi> I'd get the two shards from Kouga and take them to the modern times
<Iyouboushi> that way Naraku couldn't complete the jewel
<Iyouboushi> because you know once he has the jewel from the "after-life" place, he's immedately going to kill Kouga and Kohaku
<Rowen_Hashiba> man i can't breathe... too much geek in here, it's affecting my sinuses

#354520 +(2468)- [X]

troupe: oh shit, i just heard a car crash outside
cyateon: oh shit
cyateon: go loot the corpses before they respawn

#578715 +(384)- [X]

[Yaksha] We call this kids' mom 'Mapquest'
[norris] why's that?
[Yaksha] She has multicolored veins visible all over her body, looks like downtown Phoenix.

#611036 +(540)- [X]

< JaredCE> no, i had an idea for an ajax web2.0 calender that would pull details from flickr and google map
< shiruken> how far did you get?
< JaredCE> ermm
< JaredCE> i installed apache

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