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#949197 +(5184)- [X]

<blaxthos> you want bash.org should participate in the SOPA blackout protest on 18 January ? (+) for yes

#463734 +(1994)- [X]

(@Blaxthos) CANTON, Georgia (AP) -- Christmas is still going strong for 14-year-old Nick Waters.
(@Blaxthos) When the boy's church asked what he wanted for Christmas, Nick, who cannot talk and was born with no arms, slowly typed his reply with his feet: Lots of Christmas cards. Ten thousand of them.
(@Blaxthos) jesus christ

#30472 +(1371)- [X]

<Blaxthos> one time i misjudged my preshit feeling
<Blaxthos> ejected a log onto the kitchen floor
<Blaxthos> my girlfriend flipped the fuck out

#189807 +(1321)- [X]

<sequence> Finally, in 1976, the Court held that discrimination against men was just as much a violation of the Constitution as discrimination against women. This decision involved an Oklahoma statute permitting women to buy beer at the age of 18 but denying men the same right until they reached the age of 21.
<sequence> i wonder what the reasoning for that law was
<Blaxthos> uh
<Blaxthos> drunk girls put out

#948442 +(1202)- [X]

<blaxthos> so tonight i got roped into going to some evangelical church christmas dinner theatre
<blaxthos> "oh christmas, carol!"
<cue> evangelicals are morons
<blaxthos> it was absolutely godawful
<blaxthos> until the last musical number, where the main character realized she has a hole in her heart
<blaxthos> and sang a song entitled "i'm going to fill my hole with jesus"

#10213 +(1172)- [X]

<Blaxthos> any fat bitches with inner beauty wanna chat ?

#811225 +(1083)- [X]

(polvott:#freebsd) this channel is not for mentally challenged 14 year olds like you
(@blaxthos:#freebsd) it's for socially challenged 40 year olds like polvott

#65693 +(1068)- [X]

<@Blaxthos> can anyone see this ?
<@heath> no
<@jsb> no
<@Blaxthos> good
* Blaxthos heads to the women's locker room

#30354 +(1032)- [X]

<Blaxthos> kat is a female
<Blaxthos> and in #cisco ?
<u3q> kat is playing hard to want

#913014 +(982)- [X]

<blaxthos> this just in
<blaxthos> waiting on long sql queries < *
<beakman> write better queries.
<beakman> :D
<loon> OH SNAP
<loon> point - beakman
<blaxthos> deleting 17million rows takes a long time no matter how you slice it
<loon> finally removing all the racist quotes on bash.org?

#99098 +(924)- [X]

<@somegrrl> i'm 14
<@Blaxthos> somegrrl:  will you come help me find my puppy ?

#32153 +(899)- [X]

<@bandXXX> HAHAHA clipse is on new justin timberlake album
<@bandXXX> sad thing is
<@Blaxthos> that you know this

#30044 +(872)- [X]

<@pr3x3l> my sister goes to emory
<@Blaxthos> is she hot ?
<@pr3x3l> we think she's a lesbian dude
<@Blaxthos> what's her number ?
<@Blaxthos> i'll finalize the decision for her

#262360 +(827)- [X]

(@kaleido) so i start the video clip
(@Blaxthos) of that hottie we turned on on webcam the other night?
(@kaleido) coworker walks in just as im closing it to send to the machine at home
(@kaleido) "if you send it to me i wont say anything"

#13367 +(824)- [X]

<Blaxthos> find / -name "*base*" -user your -print |xargs 'chown us'

#141183 +(763)- [X]

<@Blaxthos> so apparently my 17yo cousin has VD
<@seiki> heh
<@seiki> Blaxthos: sucky
<@Blaxthos> yea, she's hot )-;

#582103 +(737)- [X]

(Sporq) i gotta take a linux.
(Blaxthos) don't forget to flush.

#46112 +(699)- [X]

<ErinJane78> I wouldn't ever piss in a men's room... have you SEEN them?
<Blaxthos> yea... I usually try to contribute to the vileness
<Blaxthos> i remember in middle school, at the gym
<Blaxthos> i got in the habit of going into the men's room and pissing on the toilet paper
<Blaxthos> after a few rounds the P.E. coaches put the men's room on 24 hr lockdown
<Blaxthos> so i took to pissing in P.E. lockers during classes
<Blaxthos> they tried like hell to catch me, but i was too slick
<Blaxthos> so they finally got tired of it and re-opened the men's room
<Blaxthos> so i could return to pissin on the paper towels/asswipe

#221321 +(605)- [X]

<kaleido:#cisco> Blaxthos: i emailed that url to the netops at etrade
<kaleido> classic moment
<Blaxthos> hahahaha
<kaleido> Blaxthos: i emailed that url to the netops at etrade
<kaleido> 20 cubes all shouting out, "HEY EVERYBOSY, IM LOOKING AT GAY           PORN!"
<kaleido> followed by 20 guys all in my cube ready to beat me

#696495 +(534)- [X]

<@blaxthos> let me tell you what
<rambo_> what is what?
<@blaxthos> there were these two israeli bitches in my club tonight
<@blaxthos> that were fucking insane hot
<rambo_> jews are hot.
<@blaxthos> these jews were exceptionally hot
<rambo_> fresh from the oven hot?

#374239 +(386)- [X]

(@sml) jesus
(@sml) Bizarre & Weird Porn Links < PenisBot... Fetish Bloody pussy pics of teens changing menstrual tampons & pads, + tampon eating. A Sex With a Twist Interesting and unusual porn - midgets, twins, latex ...
(@sml) anytime you think something's too weird to be on the intarweb
(@sml) it is there
(@sml) and pushing >> 85mbit of movie bandwidth, fo sho
(@sml) ugh
(@sml) that's fuckin gross, even for me
(@mamba_X) tampon eating urk
(@mamba_X) way to get your iron i guess
(Blaxthos) only someone who has gone down on his girlfriend after pucking her cherry the night before would think of that
(@Sabboth) or someone who has earned their red wings
(@pachell) that's some fucking filthy shit
(@pachell) i'll fuck a bitch on the rag, but that's about it
(Blaxthos) it was an accident
(Blaxthos) or call it lack of forethought

#961099 +(360)- [X]

<Nichole> my sister is giving birth on thursday. Drug baby. Apparently CPS is going to contact me to take him.
<Azalea> Ahhhhhhhh
<keith> what kind of drugs?
<keith> a baby full of drugs could be worth something
<Nichole> heroin, Oxy, meth
<Nichole> mostly heroin
<keith> expensive baby!
<blaxthos> so... your sister will be free this weekend?
<Nichole> yep have at it
<assfetish> i got this mental image of a baby shaped pinata full of drugs being broken at some wall street party
<Nichole> she's in prison
<Nichole> she makes me feel very normal
<latras> you are very normal ;)
<keith> shes still getting heroin, oxy and meth in prison?
<blaxthos> is she imprisoned because of baby ?
<keith> yeah id say your pretty normal
<Nichole> keith: she's on methadone now
<blaxthos> i think having babies should be a crime
<keith> procreating is definitely a crime
<Nichole> she's imprisoned because she broke parole, child endangerment (from first daughter), and drug related charges, and being on the run
<Azalea> That is a shitty situation
<assfetish> are you gonna take the baby?
<Nichole> i dont know
<keith> azalea needs another kid i hear
<assfetish> i have a friend who wants a kid real bad
<blaxthos> if you are on irc and you can't figure out how to unload a kid, you're doing it wrong

#501347 +(333)- [X]

<@Blaxthos> five, i know of no police department that has a year long academy
<@Blaxthos> i call bullshit
<dk|laptop> obviously you haven't watched police academy

#965249 +(319)- [X]

<blaxthos> "yea, um, let me get 2 boxen of sudafed"
<blaxthos> "sorry, by law you can only get 1 box at a time"
<blaxthos> "okay, let me get 1 box of sudafed and these 7 guns"

#914686 +(265)- [X]


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