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#897655 +(3652)- [X]

<Josh> I don't understand why churches and 'family groups' spend millions of dollars a year on abstinence-only instruction when a World of Warcraft account only costs fifteen dollars a month and has a much better record of ensuring virginity.

#580701 +(2926)- [X]

<iibbmm> Stupid World of Warcraft.
<iibbmm> I have no money, I have no skills.  All of the hot hot elvin women are dancing with the big warrior guys.  It's college all over again.

#619483 +(1972)- [X]

<Viperz> I don't know what to write on my college application for community service that I've done...
<SG> Priest in World of Warcraft

#441694 +(1898)- [X]

gamemastax: you know how my parents are divorced right?
DrJerad: yeah
gamemastax: Well I just had a talk with my mom.
gamemastax: i told her i didn't want to live with her anymore
gamemastax: she started crying
DrJerad: Why did you tell her that?
gamemastax: because I don't want to?
DrJerad: Why not?
gamemastax: because her computer only has 64 mb of RAM
gamemastax: and that's just not enough to run world of warcraft smoothly

#575675 +(1647)- [X]

< pin> so on saturday i was at a bar
< pin> telling a friend about how i played world of warcraft that day
< pin> and this girl was like.. are you talking about world of warcraft?
< pin> then i found out she played alliance and stopped talking to her
< pin> dumb cunt

#209828 +(964)- [X]

*** Now talking in #blackpride
<Rosen> no, in a perfect world we'd be treated as equals
<@Ph43rDnky> no, in a perfect world we'd be treated as superiors
<Jaayy> In a perfect world, you wouldn't even exist!  Whadya say to that?
<@Ph43rDnky> that's not a very appropriate comment for a black pride channel
<Rosen> shut up jaay you fag
<Jaayy> Oh, you mean this is a channel for proud black people? I thought it was for white people who are proud of their slaves
<@Ph43rDnky> Jaayy, stop now or I'll ban you.
<Jaayy> Alright fine... anybody play warcraft 3?
<Therman> I do
<Jaayy> Want to join a clan?
<Therman> Sure, what's it called?
<Jaayy> K-hadgar's
<Jaayy> K-razy
<Jaayy> K-illers.
*** You were kicked by Ph43rDnky (bastard)

#102486 +(716)- [X]

<[CKS]Red_Robot> i know i should be working on my paper, but id rather be playing warcraft, so to compromise im doing almost nothing

#280579 +(565)- [X]

<SwiftWrk> so... warcraft 3 in like 2 hours?
<fugimax> so...
<fugimax> my balls in yo' mouth in like 3 hours?
<LockeCole> erm...if I'm available sure
<LockeCole> damn

#3587 +(339)- [X]

<cheezwiz> anybody know how to have WarCraft 3 run off of a bnetd server??
<eldee> cheezwiz: yeah
<cheezwiz> eldee
<cheezwiz> really?
<eldee> cheezwiz: yeah! first, become a beta tester. then they'll give you a serial number you can use. its hella easy after that. you just hit connect
<cheezwiz> eldee:wow u didn't help at all
<eldee> cheezwiz: cool. mission accomplished

#7635 +(74)- [X]

<zophar>I think you're taking their feelings in the wrong way. Some people just happen to like the game. Obviosuly you don't care that much, and thats cool. But it's your opinion, and some people would like to really play this game the way its meant to be played, full final product, without all the insane amount of cheating in it. O_o;
<Galigmus_Ruune> who cares
<Galigmus_Ruune> cheaters make the game more lifelike
* com4 goes back to warcraft 3 so he can cheat and kill faster than those stupid orcs

#33677 +(30)- [X]

Warman89: It's the best game evr.
Meamperson: Which one?
Warman89: Warcraft u idiot!
Meamperson: For the end world spell, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete twice.

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